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5158 York Boulevard (at Avenue 52).

Los Angeles, CA 90042

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"Great place and a great introduction to school for your toddler. Miss Kay, Miss Caeli and both Miss Jennifers are all so great. My daughter really can't get enough of this place. We go three times a week and if it were up to my daughter we'd go even more. The teachers are all so nice and so gentle and caring. I couldn't recommend this place enough. My daughter loves it here, she's learned a lot and made a lot of friends. If you're looking for a place to start preparing your kids for school then look no further." Cornell R. on Yelp

"I love this place! My daughter used to go to the Awesome Academy, a transitional preschool program that they have. Now we moved to another county and she still asks to go there to see Miss Caeli and Miss Jennifer. They made the transition to preschool so easy. Thank you!!!" - Silvia F. on Yelp

"I love this place and the Awesome Academy. You are able to develop a class schedule for your little ones. Having my two year old attend the Awesome Academy has been preparing him for preschool." Yuri Z. on Google 

"My daughter has been in the transitional preschool program for a year and has done amazing! She enjoys going to school and the dedication the kids get is awesome! The team is great and the fact the kids like to go tells me that they are having fun! Then the play area after class is the cherry on top! Thanks for everything Awesome!" Liliana on Goggle

What our parents have said about our program...