The Awesome Academy and Some Activities for Parents

The Awesome Academy

In addition to the playground services, The Awesome Playground is also home to a learning institution–The Awesome Academy. It is essential to create a balance between learning and playing, and this is where The Awesome Academy comes in. The Awesome Academy is a transitional preschool program that allows kids to develop independence and confidence when interacting with other kids. Independence and confidence are indispensable to the overall development of a child. It helps children better interact with others and build relationships with their friends and those around them. The Awesome Academy provides a great step towards the start of your child’s education.

Activities for Parents

Yes, there are also activities for parents. Your day doesn’t need to be dull when you take your kids to The Awesome Playground in Los Angeles. The establishment offers free WiFi, where parents can surf the web as their kids traverse the sanitized and safely padded playground. Parents and kids can take a break from the fun and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the designated dining area. The Awesome Playground in Los Angeles also offers a Parents Night Out to celebrate parents for $25 for the first two hours, and an additional $10 every subsequent hour.


With so many establishments offering playground services in Los Angeles, it’s easy for parents to get lost while searching for the best playing space for their kids. However, the good news is that if you’re a parent living in this area, you need to look no further than The Awesome Playground in Eagle Rock. The Awesome playground offers a mix of indoor and outdoor activities for kids just a few months old to 10 years old. Your children will find the Awesome Playground’s outdoor and indoor play area to be the most exciting adventure. With a variety of play structures for kids of different age groups, big bouncy slides, and ride-on vehicles with tracks to race them on, this play space is a popular destination for Eagle Rock families. The playspace is designed with the safety of your kids in mind, so kids can roam around without getting hurt. The establishment is also keen on cleanliness and ensures that The Awesome Playground is clean at all times and ready for use throughout the day. The play space is perfect for toddlers, babies, kids below 10 years, and parents (toddlers and crawlers will have the most amazing experience). Let your kids as young as a couple of months old enjoy the Awesome Playground’s playhouse, play dress up, explore the treehouse or race cars along the indoor track. The Awesome Playground will provide your kids with an experience like no other, and you will be satisfied that you made the right choice for your kids.